Become A Bombshell

At Basic to Bombshell, we believe in individuality.  Therefore, we customize every service based upon you.  We want to uncover the Bombshell that is waiting to explode!  To do this – we need to keep our options open to what your needs truly are.

Makeup Application:

Special events are our specialty.  That means it is special for you: from your wedding to a fun night on the town – we do it all!

  • Brides………….


Makeup Wardrobing:

Let’s face it: we all have makeup that should be updated or thrown out.  With over 20 years of cosmetic experience we are able to make decisions based on your coloring, what you already have and match everything up with the latest trends.  You can hire us to come to the cosmetic counter with you (let’s face it, that trip can be a little daunting all by yourself), or we can customize a list based upon your makeup and skin care needs.


 Declutter my closet:  

This is a throw and toss appointment.  You bring all your clothes out, we sort and take away everything you don’t need, want or is just taking up space!  With years of experience, this is a quick trip to your house… and we take it with us when we leave.

Declutter, organize, take away excess or unwanted clothing, shoes and accessories, personalize your closet organization, including hangers and custom labels.  We take pictures of outfits that go together with shoes and accessories so you can fully take advantage of all the fabulous clothes you already have!  Of course we send a follow up to remind you about what you need to replace, basic items you need and any other items that were covered in our appointment.

Personal Shopping:

This can be a seasonal trip, a special event, or a crazy sale navigation… be assured we have it all scoped out and make the most of your time.  We know your size, your colors, your body shape, your style… we get it right the first time.



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