Senior Portrait Ideas… Pt. 1

ImageIts that time of the year SENIORS to thinking about your senior portraits. So much to consider, what location,outfits etc.. Regardless of location you want,local field, park or even indoor session there are lots of wardrobe options to think about.

Take note from this Pantone chart that designers use when planning  their Spring/Summer collections. When choosing a bright color pair it with white or other neuttrals. Some of the other stronger colors like “Tangerine Tango or Cabaret would be great accent colors for your accessories,shoes and jewelry.

Remember don’t be afraid that you can’t pull something off the only limits are the ones you place on yourself. So go get inspired!!



Slimming Ideas

Untitled Tip # 1… Wear nude or skin toned shoes. Why you ask? Your eye stops when there are color breaks. When wearing nude shoes this prevents this so your eye keeps going which elongates your leg. Wear heels they make your legs appear longer and toned.

Imitation Vacation!

Imitation Vacation!

Here are my favorite sunless tanning products for 2012.

1.  St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse: This is a bronze tinted mouse and really gives you a great looking tan and also dries quick! Color does not come off. The long gevity is awesome.

2. Bare Escentuals Faux Tan – I like how this is moisturizing and smells like almonds. It comes out of the bottle very dark so you get instant color and you see where you put it,which is very helpful.

3. L’Oreal Body Sublime Bronze Airbrush– This is a spray on which you can spray in any direction. I use the med natural tan color and I’m very fair. Has a nice citrus smell no chemical self tan smell.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen! 


Seattle in Rainy June… Turn a Basic into a Bombshell

A little known fact, that many of you Seattle Natives will agree to is that in Seattle, we really don’t have or use umbrellas!  Despite the fact that we are well on our way into June and it is raining….

Here are some fun ones!

Galleria Big Flower Folding Umbrella

Galleria Monet Water Lilies Auto Super-Mini Umbrella

My favorite: 
MoMA Mini Sky Umbrella

Here’s to keeping your self pretty today~ Happy June!


Well girls its short season and here are a few tips on lengths that are right for you!

3 inch length really lengthen the leg,so keep in mind if you have short or long legs.

5 inch length  are long enough to cover upper thighs but still really lengthen the leg.

7 inch length is great for everyone and appropriate for 50+ and teens.

10 inch length is best for long legs. This length is great for some work

environments. If you have short legs,either wear a wedge heel or avoid all together.

My favorite is the 7 inch since I am short 🙂  J Crew is a great place to start looking

they have a great selection for all sizes and shapes.